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Release Preferences

Created: 09.11.2016 | Updated: 19.06.2017

The Release preferences dialog


The Release preferences dialog is used to set up how the range of Altium Designer Preferences are released to the Vault Item. The dialog offers three modes for how preferences option groups (pages in the Preferences dialog) will be applied to Altium Designer.

For detailed information about the Vaults panel, click here.


Click OK in the Link Preferences to Vault Item dialog

Ensure an Altium Designer Preferences Item is created in your Vault before accessing the Link Preferences to Vault Item dialog.


  • Options Page - use  and  to open or close (respectively) each Options Page to select the desired page. Click on the desired page to select.
  • Apply Mode - displays the mode to which each preference option will be applied to Altium Designer for each Options Page.
  • Apply - Use the drop-down to select the desired application mode:
    • Apply and Lock – the Preferences group will be loaded in Altium Designer as read only (un-editable) options.
    • Apply First Time – the Preferences group will be loaded in Altium Designer as initial settings, which can be edited.
    • Do Not Apply – the Preferences group will not be loaded in Altium Designer, allowing the existing settings to remain.
The Preferences modes can be set for individual option groups (pages) or entire preferences sections (for example, the PCB Editor section). Use the Apply options to set all preference groups to the currently nominated mode.
The Mode in which each group of Preferences is released will determine their accessibility when the Managed Preferences are used.
The released Preferences are subsequently available in the Altium Vault as reusable Managed Preferences. When viewed in the Vaults panel, the Where-used view will show any Vault Template Items used in the selected Managed Preferences revision.
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