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Created: 23.09.2019 | Updated: 25.10.2019
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Advanced Settings dialog

The Advanced Settings dialog


The Advanced Settings dialog provides controls to configure certain features of the software. 

Changing settings in this dialog may result in software instability. Changes should be made with caution.
If any changes have been made in the dialog, the software must be restarted in order for the changes to take effect.


The dialog is accessed by clicking the Advanced button on the System - General page of the Preferences dialog.


  • Search - enter text to filter the grid information.
  • Grid - displays the available settings.
    • Preference Name - the name of the feature.
    • Status - lists the status of the feature, either Default (no changes have been made) or User Set (a change has been made).
    • Type - displays the preference type, either Boolean (a preference that can be enabled or disabled through use of a checkbox) or Integer (a preference that requires a value to be entered).
    • Value - displays the default values. This column is editable. For a Boolean type preference, use the associated checkbox to enable or disable the preference. For an Integer type preference, enter the required value. 
    • Default Value - displays the default settings  for the preference. This column is not editable and will be applied to the Value field. 
    • Description - this is a description of the feature. Note that for some Integer type preferences, the valid range of values that can be entered, and what they signify, is included in the description.
  • Reset - click to reset the selected setting. This will reset the Value cell to the corresponding setting in the Default Value cell. 
  • Reset All - click to reset all settings. This will reset all Value Cells to the corresponding settings in the Default Value cells. 
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