Create Revision

Now reading version 17.1. For the latest, read: Create Revision for version 18.1

The Create Revision dialog.
The Create Revision dialog.


The Create Revision dialog is used to release a modified model item back to the vault and create a new revision of the item. If desired, related component items can be updated at the time of release as well.


After modifying a model document, click the button (left-hand of the toolbar) or use the Ctrl+Alt+S hotkeys to release the current document to a new revision in the Vault and launch this dialog.


The dialog displays information associated with the model item revision to be updated.

  • Revision - Displays the name of the revision to be created. Click the button to open the Choose Item Revision dialog
  • Comment - Displays any comments associated with the model item. Click in the text field to edit the comment.
  • Description - Displays any description associated with the model item. Click in the text field to edit the description.
  • Release Notes -  Click in the text field to add release notes for the model item revision.
  • Update items related to <ModelItemRevision> - Enable this option to update component items related to the selected model item revision. This option is enabled by default.
If you want to keep all related Component Items using the current revision of the model Item, simply disable this option. Only the model itself will then be released.

Once you click OK in the Create Revision dialog, the model document is released back to the vault, and its associated temporary editor closed. A Component Library document is then opened in its associated temporary editor (file-less editing)

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