Choose Object Class to Route

Now reading version 17.1. For the latest, read: Choose Object Class to Route for version 22

The Choose Object Class to Route dialog.


The designer can use this dialog to auto-route selected net classes or component classes.


From the PCB editor, select AutoRoute » Net Class from the toolbar to access Choose Net Classes to Route dialog or select AutoRoute » Component Class to open the Choose Component Classes to Route dialog.


Main Image List - Select a specific object class (such as a component class or net class) or multiple classes (by keeping the Ctrl key down and selecting classes of interest) and then specify the connections routing mode. Then the autorouter can attempt to route connections associated with these selected object classes.

In the Choose Component Classes to Route dialog, there's an additional Connections Routing Mode region where the designer can configure the routing end for component classes.

  • One end is on a selected object - One of the routing ends is placed on the selected component.
  • Both ends are on selected objects - Both routing ends are placed on the selected components.


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