Board Outline Creation Successful

Now reading version 17.1. For the latest, read: Board Outline Creation Successful for version 21

The Board Outline Creation Successful dialog.
The Board Outline Creation Successful dialog.


When defining the board shape based on an existing 3D body, this dialog allows users to adjust the board outline's alignment. As well, DRC checking for the model part can be disabled and hidden.


From 3D mode in the PCB Editor, select Design » Board Shape » Define from 3D body from the toolbar. After running the command, select a 3D body on the board to open the dialog.


  • Hide and disable DRC checking for the model part - This option is selected by default. De-select the option if you do not wish for DRC checking to be overridden.
  • Modify model height - Select the option desired for determining how the 3D model is aligned with the board. The options are: To align face with top PCB board surface, To align face with bottom PCB board surface, or Do not modify model position.
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