Add New Part Choice

Now reading version 17.1. For the latest, read: Add New Part Choice for version 18.1

The Add New Part Choice dialog

The Add New Part Choice dialog


The Add New Part Choice dialog is used to search for and add supply chain information when adding a new part to the BOM. You can search using keywords then select an item from the search results and "copy" the data to the Part Choice Details region for ease in adding a new part.


The dialog is accessed by right-clicking in the main grid area then selecting Add Supply Chain Info for [Design Item Id] from the BOM Catalog tab in a *.BomDoc.


Supplier Part Choices Search

Upper Region

  • Keywords - enter keywords for which to perform the search. You can use the drop down to select from a list of recent searches. Click   to open the Search Filter pop-up. Any, all or no filters may be selected. Available filters include:
    • Show n results per supplier - use the drop down to specify the desired number of results per supplier. 
    • In Stock - enable to show results for items that are currently in stock.
    • Lead Free - enable to show only items that are lead free.
    • RoHS Compliant - enable to show only Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)-compliant items.
  • Search - click to initiate search.
  •  - click to open the Data Management - Suppliers page of the Preferences dialog to view available supplier data. 
  • Grid area - a display of the search results. Use the scroll bars on the right-hand side to scroll through the grid. Information includes:
    • Manufacturer - the manufacturer of the listed item.
    • Manufacturer Part Number - the manufacturer's part number of the item.
    • Supplier - the supplier of the item.
    • Description - the description of the item.
    • Unit Price - the item's price per unit.
  •  - click to add the selected search result to the Part Choice Details region.
  •  - use the left/right arrows to move through the pages of results. The results 
  •  - use the drop down to select the desired currency. 
  •  - enter the desired quantity or use the up/down arrows to select.

Lower Region

This region displays an image of the item selected in the upper region along with detailed information regarding Parameters, Documents, Pricing, and Stock. Use the scroll bars on the right-hand side to scroll through the region.

Part Choice Details

  • Manufacturer Name - displays the manufacturer's name.
  • Manufacturer PartNo - displays the manufacturer's part number.
  • Supplier Name - displays the supplier's name.
  • Supplier PartNo - displays the supplier's part number.
  • Description - displays the description of the part.
  • Price Break - lists the manufacturer's price breaks for the item. A price break is when a manufacturer decreases the cost per item when larger quantities are ordered. These price breaks are set and determined by the manufacturer. 
    • Quantity - displays the required quantities for the price break.
    • Price [USD] - displays the price per item for the listed price break quantity.
    • Add New Price Break - click to add a new price break.
    • Remove Price Break - click to delete the selected price break.
  • Available Quantity - shows the quantity currently available.

Additional Controls

  • Show/Hide Search - click to open/close the Supplier Part Choices Search region of the dialog.
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