Connecting To Altium Vault

This document is no longer available beyond version 17.1. Information can now be found here: Connecting to Your Enterprise Server Workspace for version 24

The Connecting to Altium Vault dialog is used to connect and sign into your Altium Vault.


The Connect To Vault dialog allows the designer to connect to and sign into an Altium Vault. An Altium Vault can be used to store everything related to designing in the software including: design source data, such as components, schematics and PCB files; design release data, such as Gerber and ODB++ data; and installations and updates of the software itself. You can only sign into a Vault that has already been installed and appropriate user credentials have been defined.

For more information about accessing an Altium Vault, click here.


This dialog is accessed by clicking DXP » Sign in to Altium Vault.


  • Server Address - Use this field to enter the location URL of the vault for which you wish to connect. The format for this is: <ComputerName>:<PortNumber>. Referring to the image above, this would be Fractal_i7:9780 for connection to an Altium Vault Server installed on a PC with the machine name Fractal_i7 and the default port assignment 9780.
  • User Name - enter a existing, valid user name for an Altium Vault.
  • Password - enter the password needed to validate the User Name entered above.
  • Automatically sign in after start - automatically sign into Altium Vault when Altium Designer is opened.
  • Use Windows Session credentials - enable to use your active Windows Session credentials to log into the Vault. The User name field will display your Windows username. This enables you to log into the Vault without the need to create and remember an additional password.
  • Login - click to log into the Altium Vault using the above settings.

The default Username and Password for a freshly installed Altium Vault Server are admin and admin, respectively. Typically, your Vault administrator will configure user names and passwords for each user that needs access to the Altium Vault.

For a legacy Satellite Vault, the user simply enters their AltiumLive credentials. Login to an Altium Personal Vault is not applicable, since this type of vault provides no user management and allows anonymous access

Remember the credentials - save the credentials for the dialog and load them automatically the next time the dialog is opened.


  • To access design data stored in an Altium Vault, you must be signed in.
  • This dialog is not used to sign into this installation of Altium Designer, that is handled by the settings in the System - Account Management page of the Preferences dialog.
  • Learn more about Accessing an Altium Vault from Altium Designer.
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