Expression Manager (PCB)

Now reading version 17.1. For the latest, read: Expression Manager (PCB) for version 21

The Favorites tab of the Expression Manager dialog.
The Favorites tab of the Expression Manager dialog.


The Expression Manager dialog provides controls related to filter history and favorites, the designer can view expression history, add/remove favorite expressions for easier filtering operation.


In PCB Editor, right-click in workspace, and choose Filter » History » More or Filter » Organize Favorites to access this dialog.


Favorites Tab

  • Favorites List - This is a list of Favorites representing query expressions. A query expression can be added from the History list (click on the History tab of this dialog). Choose a query favorite and then click the Apply Expression button to invoke the query library search.
  • Remove - Click to remove a highlighted query expression from the Favorites list.
  • Rename -  Click to rename the Favorites name that represents the query expression.
  • Edit - Click to open the Edit Favorite dialog, which allows users to edit the favorited query.

History Tab

The History tab of the Expression Manager dialog.
The History tab of the Expression Manager dialog.

Queries are added to the History tab of the Expression Manager after they are built and applied on the PCB. To build a query, use the Shift+B shortcut or right-click in the PCB editor and select Build Query from the context menu.

  • Grid History - Every time a query expression is entered, it is stored in the History list in which you can re-use. You can add the highlighted expressions to the Favorites list which can be re-used.
  • Add To Favorites - The Favorites list is a tool that allows query expressions to be re-used. Click this button to add the selected expression to Favorites list.
  • Clear History - Click to clear out the history entries.
  • Apply Expression - Click to transfer the highlighted expression to the Query window in which the query expression can be executed.
  • Close - Click to exit the dialog without saving any changes.
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