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Edit Component Variation

Created: July 28, 2015 | Updated: June 16, 2017


The Edit Component Variation dialog with Fitted selected, Alternate Part with Use Vault Component checked and Alternate Part with Use Vault Component unchecked)


This dialog allows the user to specify the variation of a component. Variants that use any of these types of variations are all referred to as Assembly Variants since they only impact the assembly process.

See Design Variants for more information about Variants.


To access this dialog, in the Variant Management dialog, click the  button in the Component Variation column of the Components region.


  • Fitted - the original component as used in the base design is also fitted/used in this variant of that design. For a newly added variant, all components are fitted by default. The cell entry for a fitted component appears blank/empty.
  • Not Fitted - the original component as used in the base design is not fitted/used in this variant of that design. The entry for a component that is specified as being not fitted appears with the entry Not Fitted.
  • Alternate Part - this is the strongest form of variation. It allows you to substitute the original component as used in the base design with a completely different component in this variant of that design.​
If Alternate Part is selected, the dialog will expand to include controls to browse and locate the required component. This can be a vault-based component (Link to Vault Component region opens) or other component storage models supported in Altium Designer, such as independant libraries and database libraries (Link to Library Component region opens).
  •  Use Vault Component - check this box to use a component from the Vault. Uncheck this box to use a library component. The coordinating Link to region will appear.
  • Link to Vault Component
    • Item Revision - click Choose to open the Choose Item dialog and select the desired item.
    • Vault - click Show in Explorer to open Windows Explorer and select the desired item.
    • Revision Details - this area shows the details of the selected component.
    • Revision State - this area shows the state of the vault component (e.g., Released).
  • Link to Library Component
    • Design Item ID - click to open the Browse Libraries dialog to select the desired library.
    • Library Name - check this box to display the name of the selected library.
    • Table Name - when Library Name is checked, check this box to display the table name.
    • Validate Link - click to validate the chosen link.
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