Bending Line

Now reading version 17.1. For the latest, read: Bending Line for version 21

The Bending Line Dialog.
The Bending Line Dialog.


The Bending Line dialog allows the designer to edit the properties of a bending line. If a region has a layer stack assigned and that stack has the Flex option enabled, then Bending Lines can be placed across that region. Each Bending Line has a: Radius, Bend Angle and an Affected Area Width property, allowing them to be displayed in their folded state, as they would be in a real-world situation.


The Bending Line dialog can be accessed by pressing Tab while placing or moving a Bend Line vertex or by right-clicking on a vertex and selecting Properties from the menu.


  • Bending angle - the angle that the surface of the Flex region is to bend.
  • Radius - the distance away from the bend surface that the bending center-point is located.
  • Affected area width - the width of surface area that will be bent for the given Radius and Bending angle.

In the Bending Line dialog, edit two of the first three properties, for example the Radius and the Bending Angle. The third property (area width) will be calculated automatically. Note that each Bending Line's Affected area width is displayed on the board in dark yellow.

  • Fold Index - define the degree to which the board can be folded at the bending line when the Fold State slider (Using the PCB panel in the Layer Stack Regions mode, find the Fold State slider under the Bending Lines region of the panel) or View » Fold/Unfold command is used.
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