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Created: July 28, 2015 | Updated: June 16, 2017

  Both tabs of the Design View dialog (Definition tab on the left, Layers tab on the right).


The Design View dialog allows designers to set up the properties of Design View. Design View allows designers to place a snapshot of any rectangular shaped region of the current board, or another board.


The dialog can be accessed in the following ways:

  • From the toolbar, select Place » Design View.
  • Double-click on the placed Design View object.
  • Right-click on the the design view object and select Properties from the context menu.
  • Run command Edit » Change, then click an existing object.


Definition Tab


  • Location - Specify the X and Y coordinates of the design view area.
  • Width - Specify the width of the design view area.
  • Height - Specify the height of the design view area.
  • Define area - Click the Define area button, which returns you to the workspace with a crosshair cursor, and then define the rectangular region of the view.


  • Title - Specify the title of the design view area.
  • Font - Choose the font for the title.
  • Color - Click the a color to select it for the title.
  • Height - Specify the height of the title.


  • This document - Check this option to place the design view on the current PCB document.
  • Specify document - Check this option to place design view on a different PCB document. Click the  button to open the Choose PCB Design File browser.
  • Locked - Check this option to lock the design view.
  • Mirrored - Check this option to mirror the design view.

Layer Tab

Select the Layers tab and enable the required layers. The Layers tab features the following right-click menu:

  • All On - Select all layers to be shown as visible in the design view.
  • All Off - Deselect all layers; they will not be visible in the design view,
  • Selected On - Selected layers will be visible in the design view.
  • Selected Off - Selected layers will not be visible int he design view.


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