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This document is no longer available beyond version 17.1. Information can now be found here: Browsing a Connected Workspace with the Explorer Panel for version 22

The Choose Item dialog

The Choose Item dialog


This dialog allows the user to choose an existing released component item from a linked target vault for a component.


The Choose Item dialog is accessed by clicking Choose in the Link to Vault Component section of the Component Properties dialog (ensure the Use Vault Component box is checked). 


Current Active Vault

This is the name of the currently active vault. Click the arrow on the left-hand side of the region to choose from the list of vaults, to refresh the vault contents, and to manage vault configurations. The text box displays the active vault directory location.

  •  - click to hide/view the Component Item Summary section.
  •  - click to hide/view the Vault Folders section.
  •  - click to refresh the vault contents.
  • Search Vault - enter key words in the text box to search for desired items.

Vault Folders

This region shows the structure of the vault folders. Use the following right-click commands to configure the contents:

  • Add Top Level Folder - click to open the Add Top Level Folder dialog to add a new top level folder.
  • Expand Subtree - click to expand all sub-folders under the current item.
  • Expand All - click to expand (open) all folders.
  • Collapse All - click to collapse (close) all folders.
  • Refresh Vault - click to refresh the vault contents.
  • Properties - click to open the Edit Folder dialog to edit the properties of the current folder.

Vault Items

This region displays the vault items that exist in the folder selected in the Vault Folders section. Use the following right-click commands to configure the contents:

  • Operations - click to download the selected item.
  • Full Item History - click to view a history of the selected item regarding timelines, release dates, revisions, etc. The history will appear behind the Choose Item dialog in the main region of the software.
  • Properties - click to display the properties of the selected item in the View Item Properties dialog. If the item has been released, the properties cannot be changed.

Component Item Summary

This region displays summary information of the selected item. Click the arrow on the right-hand side of the region to change the view. The default view is Summary. The other views available include Children (if applicable), Lifecycle, Where-used, and Preview.


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