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Now reading version 17.1. For the latest, read: Choose Component for version 21

The Choose Component dialog.

The Choose Component dialog.


This dialog allows the designer to move a specific component in the workspace, either by having the cursor jump to that component, or by having the component moved to the current cursor position. This can be very beneficial in a denser design, where visually looking for a particular component can prove otherwise time consuming.


The dialog is accessible in the PCB Editor only, using the Edit » Move » Component command from the main menus, and clicking anywhere in the workspace, away from design objects.


  • Component Mask - this field, at the top of the dialog, allows you to enter a string-based search mask, to quickly target the component required. This is particularly useful if there are many components in the design. As you type, the list of components below is filtered to only show matching component strings. You can use the wildcard characters; ? (any single character) and * (any characters).
Clear the mask, or enter the * wildcard to list all components for the board.
  • Component List - this area lists all components for the board (or all components passing the current mask), by designator. Select the entry of the component you wish to move.
  • Movement - choose one of the following options to determine how the selected component in the list is to be moved:
    • Jump to component - with this option enabled, after clicking OK the cursor will jump to the component in the workspace. The component will be attached, floating on the cursor, ready to be repositioned as required.
    • Move component to cursor - with this option enabled, after clicking OK the chosen component will be moved to the current cursor position within the main design window. The component will be attached, floating on the cursor, ready to be repositioned as required.
With this option, using the mouse to interact with the dialog results in the chosen component always jumping to wherever the dialog's OK button is clicked. In this case, it may prove more useful to use the Arrow and Tab keys to navigate the dialog's controls, and choose the required component, leaving the cursor at the required location within the workspace.


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