Connect To Vault

This document is no longer available beyond version 17.1. Information can now be found here: Connecting to Your Enterprise Server Workspace for version 24

The Connect to Vault Dialog.


The Connect To Vault dialog allows designers to add and connect to Vaults.

For information about accessing an Altium Vault, see Accessing an Altium Vault from Altium Designer.


From the Data Management - Vaults page of the Preference dialog (DXP » Preferences), click Add Vault.


  • Vault Server Address - Use this field to enter the URL location of the vault to be connected. Simply enter the computer name and the port number used for communications, in the format: <ComputerName>:<PortNumber> (e.g. JHOWIEHOME:9780 (for connection to an Altium Vault Server, with default port assignment), JHOWIEHOME:9680 (for connection to an Altium Personal Vault), and JHOWIEHOME:9880 (for connection to a legacy Satellite Vault)).
  • Find Vault on LAN - Click this link to quickly find an Altium Vault that has been installed on the company's Local Area Network.
  • Username - Enter your username for connection to an Altium Vault Server or legacy Satellite Vault.
  • Password - Enter your password for connection to an Altium Vault Server or legacy Satellite Vault.
  • Test Connection - Test whether or not your connection to the Vault was successful.

 The default Username and Password for a freshly installed Altium Vault Server are admin and admin respectively.

For a legacy Satellite Vault, the user simply enters their AltiumLive credentials. Login to an Altium Personal Vault is not applicable, since this type of vault provides no user management and allows anonymous access.

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