Differences Setup

Now reading version 17.1. For the latest, read: Differences Setup for version 22

 The Differences Setup dialog The Differences Setup dialog


The Differences Setup dialog allows you to configure the settings for findings in a Differences Report.

Using validation reports defined in an assigned Output Job file provides the ability to validate your designs as an integral part of its board design release process. These validation checks will be performed on every release and the release will fail if any validation checks are not passed successfully. This gives you additional peace of mind that costly errors do not creep in to your released designs due to last minute changes. Validation is run at the Validate Design stage of the process flow within the PCB Release view. In Design Mode, the validation checks are performed directly on your project, before outputs are generated. In Release Mode, the release flow first builds a self-contained snapshot from your project that includes all project documents and external dependencies, and the validation checks are performed on this snapshot. This provides additional security that the snapshot has correctly captured all the required dependencies for your project.


The dialog is accessed in one of the following ways:

  • In the Project Options - Default Prints dialog, select Differences Report in the Validation Outputs section, then click Configure.
  • In an OutJob, right-click [Add New Validation Output] under Validation Ouputs then choose Differences Report from the sub-menu then select the desired document. 
  • In an OutJob, double-click a Differences Report entry under Validation Ouputs.


  • Comparison Type Description/Mode - this is a list of all differences that are available to be checked and reported. Click the entry in the Mode column to choose from the following comparison types:
    • Ignore Differences
    • Find Differences
    • Find Differences (Case Sensitive)
    • Find Differences (Case Insensitive)
  • Set To Project Default - click to revert to the default settings.


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