Add New Model

This document is no longer available beyond version 17.1. Information can now be found here: Adding Models to the Schematic Component for version 24

The Add New Model dialog.
The Add New Model dialog.


The Add New Model dialog allows you to add certain models (e.g., a Footprint) to a selected component. 


Double-click on a component, or right-click on the component and select Properties from the context menu, to open the component's Properties dialog. Click the Add button in the Model region to access this dialog.


Model Type

Click drop down list to choose a model type. Below model types are available:

  • Footprint - physical layout that is required on the printed circuit board in order to mount a component or physical attachment.
  • PCB3D - add a 3D model to the component. 
  • Simulation - add a spice model to the component if you want to run a circuit simulation.
  • Ibis Model - add an Ibis model to enhance the modeling of IC pins while performing Signal Integrity analyses.
  • Signal Integrity - add a Signal Integrity model to configure and control signal integrity analyses.
Adding a model type from the component's property dialog only affects the selected component. To add a model type to components by default and thus show up any time you place a schematic symbol, add the necessary model type(s) to components from the PCB Editor - Defaults page of the Preferences dialog (DXP» Preferences).
Components must have at least one Footprint in the Model area. Otherwise errors occur when synchronizing the schematic to PCB.
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