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Created: September 29, 2017 | Updated: September 29, 2017
您当前阅读的版本为18.0。 关于最新版本,请参阅: 了解版本18.1

The Importer settings dialogThe Importer settings dialog


The Importer settings dialog provides controls to control design rules, missing vias, keep-out conversions, and other various options during the import process.


The dialog is accessed by clicking Importer Options on the PADS PCB Library ASCII File Import Options dialog.


Design Rules - use the following options to control which design rules are imported during the import process.

  • Import Clearance Rules - enable to import all clearance design rules.
  • Import Routing Rules - enable to import all routing rules.
  • Import High Speed Rules - enable to import all high speed rules.

Internal Plane Options - use the following options to control internal planes during the import process.

  • Plane Pullback Distance - enter the required distance in the textbox.
  • Rebuild All Internal Planes - enable to rebuild all internal planes.

Options - use the following to enable/disable additional options, e.g., missing vias.

  • Add Missing Via On Route Layer Change - enable to add missing vias when the route layer is changed.
  • Generate Teardrops - enable to generate teardrops.
  • Generate Rules For Thermals In Pad Stacks - enable to generate rules for thermals in pad stacks.
  • Change Attributes For Used Layers - enable to change attributes for used layers.
  • Override Pad Inner Value With Largest Found - enable to override inner value of the pad with the largest value found.
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