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Created: 07.02.2019 | Updated: 07.02.2019

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The following pre-packaged resource, derived from this base command, is available:

Applied Parameters: UseBrowser=True | ID=LibraryBrowser


This command is used to provide quick access to the Components panel from where you can browse and place a component onto the current document from any of the available libraries. The Components panel offers advanced search functions and the ability to drag and drop a component from the panel directly onto the active schematic document.

For detailed information about this object type, see Part.


This command can be accessed from the Schematic Editor by:

  • Choosing the Place » Part command from the main menus.
  • Locating and using the Part command () on the Active Bar.
  • Clicking the  button on the Wiring toolbar.
  • Right-clicking in the workspace then choosing the Place » Part command from the context menu.


After launching the command, the Components panel will open.


  1. If the panel is part of a group of panels, using this command will make it the active panel in the group - bringing it to the front in docked or floating modes, and popping it out in pop-out mode.
  2. The panel can also be toggled with respect to its visibility using the View » Panels » Components command or by clicking the Panels button (available at the bottom right of the main editor) and choosing the Components menu entry.


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